Jewellery is an important part of every woman.  At every occasion, we see different kind of jewellery pieces wear by them. Different kind of earrings, nose pin, bangles, bracelet, finger rings, necklace, anklet and many more are a part of jewellery. Most of the women are fond of different kind of metals like gold and precious gems or stones. These gems or metals are found from the earth at different places that are refined after mining. The process of creating minerals on the earth takes a long period in creation after rising of magma from the planet’s depth to the surface and then cools down. All the crystals what we see in the jewellery pieces are formed by the chemical reaction of liquid rock’s element. They convert into a crystal after cool down through the rain or other source of water. Much different kind of stones is formed from minerals and some of them are used in different types of jewellery.  This family of miners are known with the name of gems. They include some semiprecious stones like jade, opal, etc. The most expensive and precious gems are diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Blue diamond diamond

  • Diamond is the most common and well-known gem stone which almost liked by everyone. The diamond pieces of jewellery are so expensive and beautiful. They are also used is some decorative items. They are found in many colours like a green diamond, white diamond etc. Their different colours make it more beautiful when it is used in jewellery pieces. This gem is a highly traded stone through multiple numbers of organizations. They decide the value of each diamond by four Cs. It means a diamond’s colour, cut, clarity and carat. These are the characters that define the value of the diamond. Some rarely found diamonds like blue diamond diamond cost is more expensive than the common diamond. Their feature of high dispersion of light and hardness makes it more desirable and demanding in the jewellery use. They are commonly used by the people in their engagement rings or wedding rings.
  • Ruby is another precious stone commonly used in jewellery pieces especially in finger rings are pink to blood-red in colour. They are also a very beautiful looking gemstone that gives a royal look to every jewellery piece. The term ruby comes from a Latin word ruber which means red.
  • Emerald is a kind of gemstone which is found in green colour. The most royal and stunning look is given to jewellery pieces by using emerald stone into it.
  • The most precious and highly expensive gem stone is Sapphire. It is found in a blue colour that looks beautiful and impressive.