Color lenses are a real fun, they will help you to change your look and personality completely or add a bit of touch, and making your eyes very interesting. Know which is the right color contacts for you and find the best colored contacts cheap for you. Although all the best color lenses work in a same way – they will filter light leaving just the color required, there’re many different kinds of the colored contacts.

Many people choose tinted or colored lenses just for the style or maybe their favorite celebrity or stars sport that lenses. An ability of changing the natural color of your eye is intriguing and interesting to many people. The tinted lenses are available as prescription & non-prescription contact lenses. The prescription lenses can be used to correct vision while non-prescription lenses come completely for the cosmetic purposes and for dressing up. They’re used as the accessory to make fashion statement, just make sure you choose the right contact brand Pinkicon. The popular color contact lenses available are black, brown, green, and light blue colored contacts.

Different Types of the Contacts

Colored lenses come in different tints and shades. Right tint depends upon your look that you want to achieve. The tints range from the invisible to modest brightening of the natural color to complete transformation.

The “visibility tint” contact lens won’t change the color for your eye. Tint is added in its lens just to make it simple for wearer to insert it in a right way.

Enhancement tint offers a slight change to your eye color, and making your eyes intense and brighter. These contact lenses are translucent as well as come in many different shades.

An opaque tint lenses are the only ones that will change your eye color. The lenses cover iris & are highly effective than the enhancement tint for darker eyes. Once again, such lenses come in many different shades.

Bausch & Lomb Contact

Top reasons you must consider wearing colored lenses

  • Your optometrist will help you select the right colored lenses that will suit eyes for the optimal comfort & lesser risk.
  • Lightly tinted lenses will give you the natural-looking eye colour.
  • There’s no risk of infection when it comes to cosmetic lenses than prescription lenses in providing you follow the basic hygiene rules.

Top reasons to avoid wearing colored lenses

  • When wearing colored contact without consulting the optometrist first will be dangerous.
  • Colored lenses do not always give desired result.
  • When used improperly, colored contact will cause eye infections.

Final Words

It’s a bit trend to wear contact today that will completely change your eye color. Many people wear the colored lenses to improve their looks. You have a wide range of color options like blue, brown, and light blue colored lenses.