Vinyl flooring is the go-to flooring for limited budget home builds. However, being relatively cheaper does not mean cheap looking by the way and vinyl floor applications today are some of the most beautiful and durable floorings any house can have. Vynil is marketed as a durable flooring and it certainly is, however it is prone to be scratched more easily than its ceramic tile counterparts, especially during moves, when heavy furniture or objects are being dragged across them. As such, there are special but easy ways to clean and take care of vinyl floorings, read on below for some of these most common sense tips for making them last for a long time.

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Prevention Is Still Best

Preventive maintenance always made sense, and vinyl flooring is no exception. So the first step to a clean vinyl flooring is to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place. A simple doormat will go a long way to preserving your vinyl flooring as it will trap abrasives and chemicals. Dirt is abrasive and with constant rubbing on the vinyl surface, it can erode the top coating of the vinyl flooring or planks. Chemicals such as hair spray or harsh detergents also do their share of slowly corroding the top layers of protective coating in the vinyl planks or tiles. A simple doormat or cleaning spillage as you go will go a long way into protecting your vinyl flooring from harm. Sweeping the floor with a soft broom frequently will also help in keeping the flooring in tip-top shape.

 Prepping Your Furniture

No wax shiny vinyl is really aesthetically pleasing, but are less resistant to scratches. This is why it is important to put protective foam and cushioning under your furniture feet. This is a great way to avoid them scratching your tile or plank whenever you reposition them. This is especially true with heavy furniture.

Use Mild Cleansers Whenever Applicable

Use mild cleaning solutions whenever applicable. Using extra-strength cleaners especially when they are uncalled for may actually damage the vinyl flooring rather than clean it. Harsh chemicals may instead interact with the vinyl coating instead of dirt. This goes without saying that use the appropriate strength cleaner depending on what to clean. Some vinyl is specifically made not to be waxed so use the appropriate cleaner for it. Older vinyl is made to be waxed and yet again, use the appropriate chemicals for it. For best results look up for the appropriate cleaners that best suit your flooring.

Use Minimal Water

When you mop and overly drench your vinyl flooring, water can seep and work its way into the cracks, seams, and edges. This can destroy the bond that holds the tile or plank to the flooring. Make sure that your mop or sweeper is damp and not dripping wet. A damp cleaner is so much more effective than sloppily splashing all over the place with a wet mop.

The Takeaway

Cleaning vinyl flooring is not complicated in any way. All it takes is consistency in keeping it clean every day. With a little bit of dedication, a little bit of time, and the right knowledge, your vinyl flooring will last for a long time looking like new.