If you are someone who wants to know how to get good results from farming crops, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share some tips, which will help you. Click here to know about Overseeding Fairfax Station VA.

Soil: the most important factor

Soil is the most important factor when it comes to harvesting any kind of crops. The land in which we are going to grow your tomatoes, lettuce, aromatic plants or flowers has to have certain characteristics: the soil has to have that dark color and the aroma that reminds us of the forest , it has to be soft, it has to be sufficiently hydrated, but not flooded, etc. If the soil in your field has these characteristics, great; you can always enrich the soil with homemade compost, commercial organic land, etc.Visit this site to know about Overseeding Fairfax Station VA.


As good as the soil in your garden has, no matter how expensive the seeds or bulbs you have bought, if you do not pay special attention to the irrigation of crop field, it is very likely that your plants will grow little and badly. Always remember to water the field. The water must be of good quality and if it comes from an artesian well: great! Use water according to the soil of the field and the kind of crop. Not all crops need same amount of water.

Pests and insects

A nightmare shared by professional farmerswhich is very harmful: blissful pests.


– Use a water vacuum to remove the excess of this liquid in the soil.

– Check crops often and prune any part of plants that look suspicious. If you want to make everything easier, use electric pruning shears, remember to wash them, disinfect them and dry them very well before storing them.

– Grow herbs and plants that repel insects. For example, onions or garlic give off a scent that our little enemies do not like. Other perfect plants to repel pests would be mint, lavender and the magic ingredient of mojitos: coriander.

Daily care

We will face problems if we take care of our field only on weekends. If you really want to have a good harvest, you will have to dedicate a good part of your time, visit it at least once every two days, check the status of each plant, water or check the automatic irrigation, ensure that delicate plants are not receiving excess sunlight, etc.