The serious gum disease or infection which causes damage to the soft tissue is periodontitis. Without taking any treatment, it can lead to damage the bone which supports your teeth. This can make the teeth to lead to loss of tooth or loosen it. Search about periodoncia barcelona to find more information about periodontitis. It is the common infection but it is not prevented. It results to lower oral health. It is important to brush twice each day and going for regular check-ups. This can highly enhance your options of better treatment and decrease the chance to grow this infection.

What are the symptoms that cause periodontitis?

When gums are pale pink and firm then they are healthy. The symptoms of periodontitis can involve:

  • Bright or dusky red or gums that are purple.
  • Gums which easily bleed
  • Gums which are tender when they are touched
  • Bad breath
  • Spitting out the blood which you brush or floss your teeth
  • Puffy or swollen gums.
  • Painful chewing
  • Loss of teeth

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Discussing the causes of periodontitis

The periodontitis development begins with plaque which is the film that is stick and composed of bacteria. If you leave it without treating it, the plaque can lead to this gum infection.

  1. Plaque can become harden under the line of gum into tartar if it is present on your teeth. The tartar is complicated to eliminate and its filled with bacteria. If this is remained on your teeth, it destroys your teeth health. You cannot be able to get rid of it by flossing or brushing teeth. You might need the help of dental cleaning to eliminate it.
  2. Plaque forms on your tooth when sugars or starches in food which communicate with bacteria. When you brush your teeth twice a day, it will eliminate the plaque. However, plaque has the possibility to form again.
  3. Having plaque can create gingivitis which is the gum disease of mildest form. This is the problem which causes irritation and inflammation of the gum tissue part around the teeth base. This can be reversed using the treatment of professional and better home oral care.
  4. Gum inflammation can create this gum infection to grow among your teeth and gums filled with plaque, bacteria, and tartar. If this is not treated, these infections which are deeper can create tissue and bone loss. This can make you lose the teeth. So ongoing chronic inflammation can keep a strain on your system of immune.

Thus, these are the causes of gum infection, periodontitis.