The knee replacement surgery actually is the most expensive affair. It will cost around $50,000 in the US. Thus, this surgery isn’t the highly affordable choice for the patients without any insurance and who are heavily hit by recession blues. However, there is a hope for the patients who can go in for the knee replacement treatment Singapore that costs around $8,500. It is possible due to the heavy exchange rate of the UK & US currencies compared to the currencies of these countries.

Different Types of Surgery

Low cost does not mean any kind of compromises in the treatment quality or qualification of doctors. Actually, hospitals in Singapore use the top-of-line medical technology & most of these doctors have got trained in the UK and US. Thus, you can undergo the quality knee replacement treatment at the affordable rates. There’re different kinds of the knee replacement surgeries done on the patients.

  • knee replacement treatment SingaporeUnicompartmental Knee Replacement happens is when any damaged compartment of joint is replaced. The people with arthritis generally are the good candidates for such surgery.
  • Computer-Assisted Surgery gives the better internal view & helps in an exact alignment of an artificial joint in your bone and increase long-term effectiveness for knee replacements.
  • Total Knee Replacement replaces the damaged cartilage tissue by the plastic or metal prosthesis.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery makes use of smaller incisions and thus less soft-tissue use. This kind of surgery affords the faster recovery.
  • Bilateral Knee Replacement treatment is performed on both the knees like in a case of the severe arthritis patients.