Corns and Treatment

Corns are small, curved regions of thickened skin, which usually type on the toes – inducing a bump. While corns don’t generally cause significant issues for runners, they may be debilitating and are a hassle. This lifeless skin will press on the nerves and tissues underneath it – which causes the pain. The treating corns on bottom of feet are formed because of constant friction and rubbing from the toe area.

The significant reason runners get corn is because of wearing sneakers that don’t fit them properly. Wearing shoes that are too brief cause your toes to be jammed into the toe box. The constant friction as you are running will cause the corns to form. Also, if your shoes are too big, your toes will move around in them too much – which will also cause an excessive amount of friction. The socks that you run in should also not be too tight.

How to Deal With Foot Pain

Make sure that you are correctly fitted to your sneakers. You would like to go to a qualified running shop. They are trained to be sure that you are wearing shoes that are correct for your foot type and fit you correctly. There ought to be 1/2 inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your treating corns on bottom of feet should be able to wiggle on your toe box. If they can’t – the shoes are too tight. Additionally, when you tie your shoes, your foot should be able to move a little bit – but not too much better.

Your sneakers will probably be a size larger than your everyday street sneakers. I know that mine are. Also, when you go to purchase your shoes, then take the socks with you which you run in to try them on with.