The most commonly found hernia types are umbilical, hiatal, femoral, incision and inguinal. One of the life threatening kinds is strangulated hernia. One of the most common types of hernia surgery is abdominal wall hernia repair. The data shows that in US more than one million hernia repair surgeries are performing with a good success rate. Lump or bulge is the noticeable symptoms. During the physical exams, some doctors confirm the presence of Hernia. It is always recommended not to wait too long for the surgery, else it may get larger and the risk of removal will be high.

Before the surgery, anesthesia will be given. The anesthesiologist assigned for your surgery will discuss with you more about the kind of anesthesia before the operation. After this surgery, your surgeon will provide you with the diet and exercise plan which you have to follow very strictly in order to get better results. The chances of chronic pain are less than 10% as per the reports. You have to follow the guidelines provided by your surgeon and have to properly perform the exercises. Nerve block and medication can be considered if you have problems of chronic pain. Now a days there are options that you can approach any of the patients who had undergone same surgery before approaching any surgeon.

The experience of the patient will help you to understand the reputation of the hospital and the concerned surgeon on a very good note. The reviews and stories will be of much helpful for a patient to choose the best hospital for the surgery. Some of the hospitals also gave you an option to choose the surgeons but it is limited to only couple of hospitals. Laparoscopic and open hernia surgery is the two options of hernia surgery. The cost of this surgery is also affordable.