There are so many beautiful tunes, intriguing lectures, and interesting videos around the globe. To absorb most of that stuff, you really must have a nice set of headphones or earphones! The perfect pair, on the other hand, is determined by who you are and what you appreciate. Nothing is more annoying than struggling to comply with skewed audio on your earphones. Whenever your left earphone is noisier than your other side, it suggests there is a problem with the socket, cord, or connection depending on wireless earpieces or wired.

Plug-in wire headphones

Check that the plug is fully inserted into your gadget. It’s also conceivable that dust or trash has gotten inside the connection or port. Flush it out with pressurized air and try once more. Even if that doesn’t help, it’s possible that the earphones need to be replaced.

 Wire in wired earphones

Shifting your cable to a specific location may lead you to experience sounds from both earphones for a limited period. In such a case, you could use black tape to secure it in place. It’s a stopgap measure until you could afford a nicer Bluetooth headset.

 Connectivity in wireless headphones

Strangely, tables, walls, and other obstacles can disrupt a WiFi connection. Verify if your Headset is connected directly and that your device’s auditory specifications are correct. This might be the source of the erratic noise on your earphones.

Hope after knowing the above tips you will not through your headphones just because left or right earphone is louder.