Before knowing radiation dosimetry you must have to know about the dosimetry. It is referred to as the science in which we do the measurement, or a combination of measurements to find the radiation dose. Let us tell you that the technical nature of the radiation dose is absorbed dose and it is deposited in the tissue divided by the tissue mass. The absorbed dose is the major physical factor that influences the response of tumors. To know more about the dosimetría radiológica you can contact our customer support service.

  • Why radiological dosimetry is important?

For determining the absorbed dose the medical physicist needs special expertise. Apart from it, they have to collaborate with the nuclear medicine technologist and the physician as well. Let us tell you if the patient wants to with dosimetry study before the radiopharmaceutical therapy then he may receive a small quantity of therapeutic radiopharmaceutical before the actual treatment. After the dosimetry administration, the nuclear medicine technologist has to collect three or more that nuclear medicine images with different time frames. But in some cases, only one image will be collected by the therapist. The samples of urine, blood, or stool will be collected by the treatment team. So that the medical physicist will use them for dosimetry measurements to calculate the appropriate treatment to the therapy. In these ways, the dosimetry ensures that how much the patient receives a personalized effective, and safe treatment.

If you are thinking to take dosimetry treatment then you must have to visit our site, you will get all the detailed information on the site. Apart from this, you can also contact our customer support service, they will help you by answering all your doubts. We offer radiological surveillance to the workers and are also exposed to ionizing radiation. They also confirm that their work is done with the appropriate conditions. Also, the dose limits are established by the legislation are not exceeded. All the treatment guidelines are defined by the CSN. Let us tell you that we offer two different types of dosimetry services such as:

  1. Individual dosimetry
  2. Occupational dosimetry

The individual dosimetry allowed estimating the equivalent dose which is deep and superficial as well. The professionally exposed worker received on the monthly basis. The occupational dosimetry allows the estimation in a specific area or job. We will provide you safe treatment by the professionals, they have years of treatments and handled hundreds of patients.