Do you already have a bed as well as a sofa? Now there is a DIY daybed that offers sofa products as well as a bed. You can place a daybed that functions as a sofa in your narrow bedroom, or even an office room. In your narrow bedroom, you can minimize the space you need. Now you can order it and you can make it yourself. You can learn here about

how to turn a daybed into a couch.What Steps You Need To Remake Your Bed?

In the ginger brownies, you can see how pretty some daybeds turn out to be sofas. When you see it you even want to buy it or make it yourself. You can read some information on how to turn a daybed into a couch. The daybed is known as a combination bed and sofa. Different from ordinary sofas and ordinary beds. You can order and make your own. Here are the steps on how to turn a daybed into a sofa:·

The first step, cut the wood to the size specified. Then, drill four pocket holes at both ends of the 1 x 10s short. You can use the wood from the old twin bed frame.·

The second step, install the outer frame. Using parallel brace, speed box to tighten and make sure everything is lined up properly. And then add a screw UseKreg.·

The third step, installing the Inner Frame Pieces·

then fasten them with eight screws. Next, apply wood glue and secure with pocket screws.·

  The fourth step, installing the caster according to its place. To prevent the caster from turning, screw it in place and screw it with a wooden block.·

The fifth step, Color the DIY Daybed according to the color you want. Wait until the paint is dry on the daybed to use.