If you’re seeking for extra living space and want to spend more time outdoors, a screened in porch us the perfect option.It can place on or near the exterior of the house that has been covered with window screens to prevent insects, dirt, and other harmful forms entering the house. It will provide you with a additional living space.

Screened-in porch was formed as a result of the presence of mesh screens, which offers a great layout for outdoor living besides allowing you to enjoy the amenities of indoor living space.It’s the most comfortable indoor-outdoor living option. It allows to enjoy fresh air and the peaceful sounds of nature and eliminates heat and humidity. They are affordable and easy to install, don’t bend or break, customized. Also uv filter screens are available but they compromise visibility. They can range from simple to very unique designs.

Screened porches are simply a row of windows with a screen set in front of each. The most of screened porches are fixed to the house, but others are moveable structures which can relocate.Prefabricated screens for porches can be installed in the same way that they are for pole barns, after completing the construction. Some screened porches are designed so that the screens can be separatedwhen insects and sunshine is less. Porches can be furnish with home furnishings and comforts that are generally found inside, such as chairs, couches, and lounges, electric fans, wood flooring, plug sockets, decorateditems.

Screen porch vs sunroom:-In terms of final polishing, there are significant differences between a screen porch and a sunroom.A screened porch is a roofed structure with walls made of mesh screen that is used to keep insects out.The difference is that a screened porch will allow air to circulate through the space, giving you the pleasure of living outside. A sunroom is a glass-enclosed structure with a ceiling that is roofed over it, similar to your living area, but with a outside view. It is enclosed and requires air conditioning. A sunroom will be the more costlybecause of the labour and materials required.