Starting your own garden is most rewarding and challenging things that you will do. The fragrant of plant, floral and vegetable garden, and everybody will gain from getting a bit dirty. However, if you are new to flower garden plans, it will be tough to know where you must start. It does not need to be very complicated; once you break the project down in the manageable steps, you may ease in gardening at your speed.

Sun is very important. Building your own flower garden takes plenty of energy, and plant’s energy generally comes from sun. Thus, most of the flowering plants require full-sun site – and where sunlight falls six to eight hours per day all through their growing season.

Clear the Planting Ground

You need to get rid of sod covering an area you are planning to plant the flowers. Suppose you want fast results (if it is spring or want veggies), cut this out. You can slice under sod with the spade, cut down sod in various sections and make it simple to remove and put this on the compost pile for decomposing.

Plant In Layers

Search for the plants, which are of different heights, textures, and colors. Think about this as planting in the layers of texture, color, as well as heights. You can buy many different kinds of the flowers you want, which depends on the tastes. Just ensure you have a few that are short, medium, and tall so that you will add layers to the annual garden plan.

Right plant at right place

We pay a lot of attention on the flower that looks beautiful, irrespective of if we will be able to give them what they require. However, you will have success with annuals & perennials in case you find out what type of place you have — kind of soil, sun, if it is close to hose, work you can put in — and look for the plant that fits rightly.