For any woman getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful periods of her life. From the time the woman becomes pregnant they have to start taking care of their health by eating nutritious food. It s believed that a woman goes through a lot of changes after pregnancy. They lose a lot of her strength in delivery time and they need enough time to regain all the energy and strength. In many countries, you can find confinement delivery packages Singapore options which can reduce a lot of the work for them. The first few weeks have to be planned very carefully from the time the baby is born till the baby turn one month.

  • In the first week, one should focus on getting recovered from the wound and think to increase the appetite. You should plan to take the foods which will aid in healing your wounds and also give you some strength. It is should not be oily and easy to digest like chicken or fish soup with some healthy herbs, steamed eggs, and tea to get warmth. Avoid eating food items that will make you feel bloated like cabbage.
  • In the second week, one should focus on the milk as the baby start increasing the quantity of milk intake. Iron helps in the production of breast milk, so eat food items that have iron in them.
  • In the third week, you should concentrate on physical strength. You will lose a lot of energy at the time of delivery. So eat food which will increase your strength and make you feel energetic.
  • You should also think about massage if you had a natural delivery then you can think about it in the first week itself but if it is a c section then you should wait for some time. The massage help you to improve your blood circulation, makes the mother relax and also avoids uterus sagging.
  • The other most important thing to focus on is the food. There is no difference for the woman who had a natural birth or C section. Both need to maintain the same type of diet in confinement period. The only difference is that the C-section woman will take a longer time to get recovered from wounds.
  • One more thing to remember is to avoid the fruits and vegetables which give cooling to your body. As it will lower your body temperature and the wounds may take a longer time for healing. 


Hope this information will help you to cross your confinement period without any trouble.