Cryptocurrency exchanges are the places you are looking for; they serve as a medium through which an individual, group, or an institution can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency. It is important to find the right way of buying the cryptocurrency or you can say a right medium to them or you might lose your hard-earned money, here at Cryptocurrency News they help you identify the best way of investing however they do not take responsibility for any fraudulent activities.

Here is a list of some of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges :

*HitBTC Exchange

It is a crypto exchange with over 800 varieties of trading pairs it was established in 2013 and the ui was developed to make it user friendly and to meet the needs of its target audiences. HitBTC adds coins on a regular basis making the users give a sense of belonging to a bigger market. One of the advantage of the trading company is that it operates 24*7 and you can completely trust the website as the volume of trading in a day is equal to $1 billion. Also the exchange has offices all around the world including places like Malta, Santiago, Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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*Binance Exchange

This exchange offers services to people all around the world, binance provides services only in terms of crypto to crypto exchange and supports more than 100 coins for deposit and withdrawal as it provides service in crypto to crypto exchange it does not deal in fiat currency. They have also launched their own coin known as Binance coin(BTB) and if you do not want to exchange the crypto currency then there is good news for you, you can buy 6 of the currencies using a credit card with a brokerage charge of 3.5%.


The exchange is a UK-based fiat-to-crypto exchange established in 2014, it offers more than 100 listed coins and it extends its services to more than 170 countries. The engineers behind Indacoin have developed an app and a website with an easy-to-use user experience and the main aim of the website is to secure funds and data for which they developed their own anti-fraud system and accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP, and nine more currencies.

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