Pergola is one of the freestanding structures that is trending today and it can be found in most of the homes. People used to install it in their places in order to decorate the place. It is a garden ornament and also acts as a shelter.

They are roofed and open the rest of the sides. You can design or decorate it with any material if you want and it is totally up to you. You can close the roof with a temporary canopy or even with a fabric which will stand for all weathers. By enclosing your pergola with any material, you can stay in a safe environment and can enjoy outside space without any fear of exposing to sunlight and rain.

You can also decorate it with flowers and creepers to creep their standing vertical poles and in case of any event or party, you can make use of this space and organize it by decorating your louvered pergola. It is ideal for even wedding parties. It not only gives you a visual treat but also installing a pergola in your home will increase the property value and you can sell it for a reasonable cost.

So, if you wish to add a pergola to your home, before buying one you have to consider several things and that may include:

  • Usage – The first thing to look at when purchasing or constructing a pergola is your intention to use it. You have to decide which type you love to have. There are various kinds like pergolas attaching to the building as well as free-standing and people can choose one for dining or relaxing.
  • Size – You have to decide its size and is depended on the space you have. For doing this, one should measure the space where they are looking for installing it. One other thing that decides the pergola size is the number of people who use it at a time. A small one will end in overcrowded, whereas a large one takes up not needed space.
  • Material – Pergolas are normally made from vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and metal. You do not need to paint vinyl pergolas; on the other hand, wooden ones need to be protected and painted. You should pick the material based on the complete appearance of your backyard as well as your home.

Aside from the above points, an important consideration is the budget.