Nowadays, with the concept of online education and work from home, one may have come to know that there are very minimalist wall-powered sockets.  If one takes this same into account while working in an office environment, they would also encounter the same situation that there are hardly any wall-powered sockets but these types of sockets are not easily located and hence, their placement is a problem. This is why one needs to invest in an extension cord.

What is it about? – This is a device that goes by variation of names but is a flexible power cable providing electricity on one end and the other, there are multiple socket placements and there are various types of cabling to it.  These cords range from around 2 to 32 ft and they arrive in multiple colors, degrees of length, adequate thickness, and serves the purpose.  Usually, thin cords are used in office services as they are much more convenient and can pass through narrow structures while thicker cords are generally used outdoors and can be found in the IT department where they have rolled up and plastered it at the socket ends where the reel hangs at the very last end.

What are the different types? –  There are multiple sites where one can refer in terms of extension cord that is hallmarked with safety and verified/ certified by the manufacturing company. Some of the types being –

  • Multiple socket extension – These are also termed as cable reels and has the inner looping wire mechanism that helps the back end of the cord to roll up to 6 meters or more and includes a self-lock feature that is both versatile and can be used in offices, besides stationary devices and even at home. Since it is of multiple sockets, one can use that very reel for their laptops, computers, mobile phone chargers, earphone chargers, etc.
  • Single socket extension – Since they are from the same mother company, this is also called cable reels but the only difference is that they act as a universal adaptor and not many devices can be charged at the same time but they are used in conference rooms or at desks where the cable can be at a desirable place and one can use it as they need. It is also similar and shorter to the removable power cord.

Conclusion – While buying this product, one should be aware of its regulation, safety, hazards, and overall maintenance.