Perennial vacuum the mats with a suitable device capable of removing the dust deposited on the ground, such as a carpet cleanser, vacuum purifier or similar. If current, adjust the elevation of the scrubs according to the elevation of the carpet ground. Pay scrutiny to the verges, preventing to contend on them with the wheels of the device. Avoid hooking or tearing corners when cleaning. Aspiration should only be done in the absence of wet parts or with still fresh stains. A good commercial carpet cleaning services in Oklahoma City, OK can help you.


Dry cleaning with powder detergents (for all carpets)

When it is considered appropriate, spread the suitable dry powder for cleaning carpets and carpets in the affected area; act with a brush to make the dust penetrate deeply; vacuum the carpet, thus removing the detergent to which the dirt has stuck.

Wet cleaning (excluding rugs in coconut, sisal and natural fibers *)

When the conditions of the rug require it, washing with so-called extraction equipment allows even more effective and thorough cleaning. This type of maintenance operation must be carried out using suitable detergents (see accessories section). Always remember to dry the carpet in the shade, possibly spread on a raised surface.

How treatments to eliminate mites work

During this type of service, a series of operations are carried out aimed at eliminating the mites but also and first of all at cleaning and sanitizing. In this way the treatments can be carried out in a suitable environment. Here are the operations in detail:

  • carrying out preliminary extraordinary cleaning, to carry out the treatments on a clean basis;
  • cleaning with anti-mite treatment on mattresses and pillows;
  • sanitation and specific anti-mite treatment for sofas and armchairs;
  • sanitization with specific anti-mite treatment for fabrics and curtains;
  • treatment of all the surfaces of the house with specific anti-mite products;
  • sanitation of furnishing accessories that could prove to be an ideal habitat for mites.

Eliminate mites permanently

Permanently eliminating dust mites would be the dream of many but unfortunately it is not possible. In fact, these small arthropods are constantly present in our homes and tend to proliferate in the tissues. In any case, however, if you carry out a constant cleaning, taking care to remove the dust and carry out specific treatments from time to time, the problem is enormously limited.