At the Lovemelanotan website, you will get a great alternative to injections. The Melanotan 2 nasal spray fits most people who don’t like the injections. And they don’t like the idea of painful skin penetrations and the nasal spray. And it is only about 30-40% as effective as compared to the injection. The website also makes up the best-selling melanotan 2 nasal spraykit in packs that contain two bottles with around 10 mg of quantity. And the standard dosage they provide around two sprays every day.

About the advantages of nasal spray

The result of this fantastic spray becomes visible in very few minutes and that is usually a month. And the form of Melanotan removes all the side effects easily. If you feel dizzy after spraying the nasal spray can be because of the high dose or the mixture is not proper. So by reducing the dosage and giving yourself a little more time to adapt the spray will be better.


How to mix the nasal spray?

This is one of the main questions which people usually ask, the spray is always sold in an unmixed mixture. And this is one of the important steps you have to do for proper dosage. When you combine all the contents of the pack and it has to be packed and stored in the refrigerator. If you store it for around four weeks then it will affect its potency. The dosage of Melanotan 2 nasal spray is 2 sprays daily.

You will be getting 2 bottles of 10mg Melanotan 2, one 5ml ampoule of sterile water, 1 nasal spray bottle, a mixing syringe, and two alcohol swabs. If you want to contact them, then you can visit the website and go to the contact section. There you have to enter your name, email id, subject, and message and send it. In a few times, they will respond to your message and provide help accordingly. Your problem will be solved in few minutes so don’t hesitate to ask anything about the product or any general query. You can also call them by dialling the number provided on the website.